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The Metal Voice

JIMMY KAY The year was 1977, Saturday Night Fever was exploding at the box office, Macho men were wearing polyester jackets in the streets and young Jimmy discovered KISS Alive 2 from his older cousins. Jimmy went from a Partridge Family son to a fire breathing blood spitting demon on Halloween night. The metal addiction got worse, Jimmy fed the addiction by listening to FM radio secretly late at night where he discovered the harder edge sounds of Rock, Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell (what a voice), Motorhead, Ace of Spades (how can these guys play so fast?), AC DC Back in Black (how can this guy scream like that?), IRON MAIDEN Killers (OMG!). From there on it has been 3 decades of metal allegiance and counting. Canadian Filmmaker, Editor in Chief, co-host and producer 24/7. “For those about to Rock we salute you.” ALAN "THE METAL GUY" In the immortal words of Biff Byford of Saxon," Where were you in '79 when the dam began to burst?" Canadian-born Alan Dixon, Summer 1980, at the tender age of 12, your hero was faced with a life-altering decision. "Do I purchase The Police's Zenyatta Mondatta, or AC/DC's Back in Black?" Suffice it to say,"Bon", as I became affectionately known , never De Doo Doo Dooed, nor De Da Da Daaed. From the first toll of Hell's Bells, I realized the path I was to follow. Forever riding on The Highway to Hell, Metal became My Mantra, My Music, My Life. Catching the early sounds of NWOBHM, Screaming for Vengeance throughout high school, suffering through the hair metal years, and lost Somewhere in Time during my late teens. I now wish to share the experience of laying needle to vinyl, staring at album covers for hours, while listening to classic metal bands from this glorious era. Hopefully this website may help the next generation of Metal Gods to start their music collection, or for the older Metallibangers, bring joy reliving some great memories & music. Thousands of Metal concerts, books, albums later, Alan he is The Metal Guy Encyclopedia. ​ "Born to Lose. Live to Win"

Ten 13 Entertainment

Thanks for taking a look at Ten13 Entertainment. We specialize in booking live entertainment. Our company provides a service to you by helping you find solutions for hiring bands and putting live music into your facility or event. Along with our commitment to service, we also provide routing dates, corporate purchases and event management based on your needs. We can assist in promotion & marketing to ensure that your event will be successful. We only work with artists that have already proven themselves in the marketplace, and narrowed the playing field to only a select few that have met or beaten the expectations of our clients. Our roster of talent is made up of some of the hardest working bands in the country for your event. We offer National Acts, Rock, Country, Variety, and Tributes. All of the bands we work with and represent have had successful shows at Nightclubs, Disney World, 6 Flags, Casinos, Major Festivals, Theaters and Corporate Events. We look forward to working with you in fulfilling your entertainment needs, and would appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

Metalheads Forever

METALHEADS FOREVER – ROCKCAST SHOW METALHEADS FOREVER ist die ultimative Hardrock und Heavy Metal Rockcast Show mit LIVE Gästen und jeder Menge guter Musik. METALHEADS FOREVER bietet sowohl Einzelkünstlern sowie professionellen als auch Bands aus dem Underground eine Plattform, sich vorzustellen. Unabhängig aus welchen Ecken der Welt die Bands und Künstler sich zuschalten, METALHEADS FOREVER vereint die Szene auf eine ganz besondere und nahbare Art und Weise! Seit Januar 2021 streamt METALHEADS FOREVER kontinuierlich von Montag bis Freitag jeweils von 20:00 bis 22:00 Uhr LIVE und in echt. © MARIT PROMOTIONS INC.

Paravice City

Do you LIKE 80s hard rock? Then you need to SUBSCRIBE this page! If you're finally tired and burnt out on hearing the same 80s bands and their same songs played over and over, ParaVice City is offering you a change of sound. Discover some hard rock music that you have been missing out on, or simply have forgotten about! ParaVice City is a weekly 80s Rock & Talk show with hosts Chad Vice & Kevin Matthews airing Saturday Nights at 9pm EST on Nobodies Radio Station: Heavy Rock Radio or past episodes anytime on demand

We Talk Music

When we say listen along at We Talk Podcasts, we really mean here in the musical category. It’s here, or should we say hear, where you can find band interviews, podcast specials on artists and other theme shows.

Steve O's Music Madness

All music being played has been purchased or given by artist, label or promoter. I do not own the rights to the music. I do own the right to play this show LOUD….

Ron Keel

From that first Steeler album to recent releases like “Keeled” and “Fight Like A Band,” Ron Keel’s career in entertainment has taken him from the concrete jungles of arena rock to the dirt roads of country music. Along the way, he has sold millions of albums and toured the world as both a heavy metal screamer (KEEL, Steeler, and a brief encounter with Black Sabbath) and a southern rock/outlaw country artist (with dozens of songs in major films and TV shows). For the past two decades, the Metal Cowboy has combined both genres, establishing a style and a persona which captures the heart and personality of this rock n’ roll outlaw. Keel’s legendary major label debut album THE RIGHT TO ROCK was produced by KISS’ Gene Simmons – they went on to notch three albums on Billboard’s Hot 100 as well as MTV and radio hits “The Right To Rock,” “Because The Night,” “Tears Of Fire,” “Somebody’s Waiting,” and “Rock N Roll Outlaw.” Opening shows for Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Dio, Y&T, Queensryche and many more established a hard work ethic that remains strong today; recent tour dates have included the Monsters Of Rock Cruise (Belize/Cozumel), Ron’s first-ever tour of Australia, the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy, the KISS & Rock N Roll Expo in Helsinki, Finland, casinos, fairs and festivals stateside, KEELFEST (featuring Keel, Ron Keel Band and Steeler) plus major bike events like the Sturgis Rally and Hot Harley Nights. After nearly three years hosting the “Streets of Rock & Roll” rock-and-talk syndicated radio show, Keel was handpicked to join a dream team of Midwest rock radio royalty on KBAD 94.5 FM, where Ron’s “Mid-Day Mayhem” show skyrocketed to the top of the Neilson ratings for that region. He’s now back on the “Streets Of Rock N Roll” with weekly broadcasts on KRFK, Total Rock Radio, 97Underground, Philly Rock Radio, and more. “The Ron Keel Podcast” features unedited & uncensored interviews from the radio show and is available on all major platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Amazon. As a songwriter, Ron has dozens of TV and film credits – major movies like “Men In Black II,” “Dolphin Tale,” “The Messengers” and many more – and his songs have been featured in hit TV shows like “X-Files,” “Desperate Housewives,” “The Simpsons,” “King Of The Hill,” and the Daytona 500 broadcast. Ron Keel has just landed a lead role as “Russell Tate” in the paranormal thriller “Anomaly,” from award winning director Terry Reid Wickham (MantaRay Pictures), shooting on location in 2022. Through the years, Keel has worked hard to remain ahead of the curve, constantly reinventing himself and evolving with the changes in the entertainment industry. His most recent ventures is RFK Media, a new record label/media company releasing Ron Keel-related products and music from other artists as well.

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